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Bidmath launches global retail media hub in India for brands in APAC and the Middle East

Bidmath launches global retail media hub in India for brands in APAC and the Middle East

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Bidmath, an award-winning agency specialising in digital media, eCommerce, and analytics, is thrilled to launch its eCommerce lab. This new hub aims to revolutionise retail media management for its clientele across Asia Pacific and the Middle East, building on its foundation of data-driven and comprehensive digital marketing strategies.

This initiative highlights Bidmath's dedication for delivering state-of-the-art solutions that cater to the flourishing eCommerce sector across these vibrant markets.

By focusing on major marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, Amazon, Flipkart, Tokopedia, TikTok shop, etc, Bidmath’s eCommerce lab is set to enhance brand visibility and performance, ensuring clients achieve unparalleled success in the digital retail media space.

“I am thrilled to witness the explosive growth of retail media in the region, particularly across India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East,” said KK Sharma, co-founder and CEO.

“Our decision is underpinned by robust industry forecasts, projecting an annual growth rate of 12% for the retail media sector, which is expected to reach an impressive $140 billion by 2026. This expansion reflects a dynamic shift in digital advertising, with retail media capturing an increasing share from traditional channels.

“The launch of our global retail media hub in Hyderabad is a testament to our commitment to driving innovation and empowering brands to navigate and thrive in this dynamic eCommerce marketplace.

“We recognise the immense potential that retail media holds in transforming brand strategies, enhancing customer engagement, and unlocking unprecedented growth opportunities. Our dedicated lab in Hyderabad is poised to become a hub of excellence, leveraging cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights to propel brands forward in these vibrant and diverse markets.”

KK Sharma (left), co-founder and CEO, and Nathaniel Acton (right), global CSO.

Key highlights of the Bidmath global retail media hub:

  • A dedicated team of eCommerce and data analytics specialists: Bidmath has invested in hiring a team of experts across INSEA and the Middle East regions, specifically focused on the nuances of eCommerce retail media management.
  • Advanced data analytics and insights: The Bidmath retail media lab will harness advanced data analytics to provide brands with deep insights into consumer behaviour, preferences, and purchasing patterns. This focus addresses the challenge of understanding complex, diverse marketplaces by offering precise, actionable data, to optimise marketing strategies and increase ROI.
  • Cross-marketplace strategy development: Recognising the fragmentation of digital marketplaces across India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, the lab will specialise in creating cohesive cross-marketplace strategies. This approach will help brands navigate the intricacies of each platform, ensuring a consistent brand presence, and maximising visibility across regions.
  • Localised content and campaign management: With a deep understanding of the cultural and linguistic diversity in the targeted regions, the lab will provide localised content and campaign management. This service aims to overcome the challenge of resonating with local audiences, enabling brands to forge stronger connections and enhance consumer engagement.
  • Comprehensive training and support: Recognising the gap in expertise within the retail media space, the lab will offer comprehensive training and support for brands. This initiative aims to build knowledge and skills around retail media strategies, helping brands to independently manage and optimise their digital marketing
  • Proven track record of success: Bidmath has had great outcomes in helping leading brands such as P&G, Philips, Gatsby, and many more, achieve their eCommerce ambitions on marketplaces.

Rakesh Singh, regional managing director, added: “At Bidmath, we prioritise creating bespoke retail media strategies that perfectly align with the distinct requirements of each brand and the intricacies of every marketplace.

“This customised approach is essential for successfully navigating the diverse and dynamic landscapes of INSEA and the Middle East regions, ensuring our clients reach their highest potential.”

As we venture into this new era of digital retail, Bidmath’s eCommerce lab stands at the forefront of innovation, ready to guide brands through the evolving landscape of online marketplaces.

Its commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the digital ecosystem allows it to offer bespoke solutions that drive growth and success. Brands looking to capitalise on the opportunities within the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions are invited to embark on this transformative journey with it.

About Bidmath:

Bidmath is an award-winning digital agency renowned for its expertise in data-driven digital media and analytics. With a global presence, Bidmath operates across multiple countries, including the Netherlands, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, India, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.

The agency is committed to leading the shift towards transparent, data-driven digital media, eCommerce management, and the implementation of data science within advertising.

For more information, you can visit its official website at For inquiries and to explore how we can elevate your retail media strategy, please reach out to

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