5 Ways To Work On Your Business During Covid-19

It can be frustrating to feel like your world is at a standstill. The good news is that as a business owner, during this pandemic you’ve been given the gift of time. You’ve got time to work on your business, so when you’re able to resume business as usual, you come back stronger than ever. Your online presence has just jumped up to being the most important part of your business (if it wasn’t already), so here are our top ways to work on your business during this Covid-19 pandemic..

Overhaul Your Website

Have you been meaning to tweak things on your website that have been bugging you for a while? Has that form on your website never quite worked correctly? Now is the time to get that fixed, and create the website you always wanted. Due to the pandemic, companies that teach website coding are offering discounted lessons so you can take classes to fix up your website yourself and gain some new skills. You can get help building the website of your dreams from our very own web design expert here.

Optimize Your Online Presence

Is your website working for you? Does your website look GREAT but you’re just not getting as many visitors as you’d like? Search Engine Optimization is how you make sure your website is placing in the results that come up on Google and other search engines when people search for the services you offer. SEO is so important for making sure your website isn’t overlooked right now as potential clients surge to the internet to look for online solutions for their needs. You can learn more about how to get your SEO for your business website here.

Update Your Social Media Regularly

Now is not the time to be pulling back when it comes to your social media presence. According to Kantar social media engagement during the covid-19 pandemic has leaped up by over 61%. In this time of thriving social platforms, you should make sure your business is one of the businesses not just adding to the noise but standing out. Share joy-sparking content regularly, post stories or challenges that encourage engagement, or find and hire a digital marketing company to keep your social media posts exciting and consistent.

Keep Connections With Leads and Customers Open

Regular (but not abrasive) email marketing will keep at the top of mind for your leads and past customers. Make sure your emails are providing something for those who open them. Use your email blasts as an opportunity to share or repurpose (useful and relevant) old content, send good news blasts, or personal business updates to keep your community up to date with how your business is faring.

Stay Motivated

Motivation when it can feel like the world is falling apart around you, can understandably be hard to find. As entrepreneurs ourselves, these are the ways that we stay focused on building our businesses during times of uncertainty:
Join entrepreneur Facebook communities to motivate yourself and build a community of people going through the same thing.
Follow Instagram accounts that will give you business tips and encouragement.
Watch TED talks to motivate yourself and reignite your passion for what you’re doing.

Our final way to stay motivated is grab a comforting cup of coffee, take a deep breath, and fill in this form to have a chat with us.

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